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Spontaneously in 1998 I discovered yoga and just as spontaneously I started teaching it ten years later, after I graduated at Sivananda Vedanta school.
I feel it is my duty and interest to spread yoga in the traditional way through authentic practice. For many years now I have been conducting seminars and workshops in the west and east and I continue to develop my teaching through participating in teacher training courses.
With the 108 project I was lucky enough to give to my teaching more authenticity, without compromises, transmitting tradition, but keeping the balance with the modern era.
Explaining what yoga is for me is perhaps impossible: certain types of experiences can not be described, but only lived. Inner peace: physical and mental benefits that can be achieved with the practice are undeniable, but they are only the consequences of a greater plan: of a devoted search for the ultimate reality that leads to freedom.
During your stay at 108 house I will share with you classes of different intensities, both physical and mental: pranayama, yoga nidra, mantra, meditation, silent walks and sharing of experiences will give meaning to the word YOGA, or more simply, we can call it UNION.

Fabrizio Baratta

I’m Fabrizio Baratta, born in 1979, born and raised in Turin. After completing high school I graduated in economics. During high school I visited the mountains and the sea … the latter conquered me. I love nature, I love everything about the ocean and I love surfing. I am married and have a child: my family is my reference, my home, my stimulus. At the base of the project 108 is the friendship with Federico and Riccardo that binds us for years for different reasons: sport, passions, work. 108 is for me an open door to my happiness and well-being, and to those who come to visit us. In Portugal you will see me occasionally, my role is in Italy: for the 108 I am a ghost manager (cit.RM), following the administration and organizing promotional events in Italy especially related to surfing. Every morning I have to check surf webcam, then I can start working!


My name is Alice, I’m 31 and I’m basically a dreamer looking for my space in the world.
I practice and  teach mainly Hatha Vinyasa, restorative and yin. Surely going through the body is easier for me than starting from meditation. The focus on breathing I think is essential to calm the mind and to guide it to meditation.

The thing that I love most and what we are doing today is to dream …… together with Danilo, the person with whom I share my life. We are searching  the way to live by doing what we love, combining our passions: Yoga and Surf.

Yoga has shown me that there is a different life, showed me the way to work on myself, showed me the light, and today, even if I still feel some dark side, I know where I want to go: living being able to carry “around” what has made my life better, with the hope that it will make it better also for others.

Riccardo Marocco

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, I graduated in Business Administration after high school and after I decided to spend my early twenties chasing rainbows around the world. This curiosity and need to seek the unknown, took me to Gavle, Sweden, where I graduated in International Business.
When I returned to Italy I founded, together with my friend Fabrizio, our own business company that now, after 12 years, has given me the skills and has been able to lead me to a new and exciting challenge in Portugal where I, together with Federico, had the chance to create and develop the 108 project.
I am a passionate hiker, but here in Portugal I am learning how magic it can be to just sit on a board, in the middle of the ocean and share a sunset with good friends around.

I am on a continuous research, restlessness is the propeller to my journeys, friendship the spark to my passions. There are so many things that I still want to learn and seated on this beach chair, facing the ocean, I enjoy the idea of the new faces that tomorrow will join us to share their stories with us

You can meet me in 108 house, where I will be caring for your booking and enjoy creating your breakfasts. Sharing enthusiasm and real passions, together with the elements and people surrounding our house.

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