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A yoga retreat is a hugely beneficial way to disconnect from our lifestyles and provides a space to gently unwind and replenish inner energy levels. 

Taking time to care for ourselves especially in a dedicated setting can have a profound and long lasting effect on many aspects of our lives, both professional and personal.

Have you consider a yoga retreat for your next team event ?

Away from their regular workspace and routine, your team will quickly relax and feel more at ease, this allows motivation and creativity to flow, whilst deepening team dynamics and inter-team communications skills .

Discover the positive benefits of traditional Hatha Yoga, in combination with mindfulness practises, breathing techniques and outdoor activities.

Participating in a dedicated retreat offers us all better tools to navigate work related stress.

Everything experienced and learned during the Retreat can be fully integrated and carried forward into our daily and professional life.

A Retreat is an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, encouraging you to appreciate life more fully and offering an insight into what truly matters to you.

It’s a well known fact that learning and practicing Yoga philosophy and techniques can bring us positive daily benefits.

Mindfulness is the human ability to be conscious and fully present. 

By utilizing breath work and visualization techniques, we learn to let go and bring our focus back to the current moment, this allows us to acknowledge and accept our thoughts and feelings without judgement or attaching meaning to them.

By clearing your mind of the background chatter, you will open up your own creativity, helping you to ground yourself, and make better and swifter decisions in your life.

It really is this simple.

We provide this service in stunning Ericeira, Portugal from July to October this year

The  location offers a wealth of positive vibes from oceanic views, easy access to wide open spaces and the added benefits of more secluded, cosy garden areas – all in an open air environment, where guests can definitely relax, kick back and spend quality days surrounded by the rugged Atlantic Nature.

108 Team will be at your disposal to shape and arrange your team event based on your company needs.

Just contact us for more details

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