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27/11 – 11/12 2022 – 200 HOURS MOKSHA HATHA YOGA TTC – STAGE 1
25/03 – 09/4 2023 – 200 HOURS MOKSHA HATHA YOGA TTC – STAGE 2

Have You Considered Sharing Your Passion For Yoga With Others By Becoming A Qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher?

Are You A Regular Yoga Student, Searching For An In-Depth Course To Strengthen & Deepen Your Knowledge And Practice?

Of course, becoming a Yoga teacher takes practice, dedication and commitment. On our Moksha TTC we provide you with well structured training, teaching you all the skills you need in a supportive friendly environment dedicated to offering a professional course, lifelong learning and training.

The Moksha TTC is developed and taught by our team of teachers, all committed experts in their specialised areas of Yoga. Combining two decades of extensive teaching and people centred business practice, the Moksha teachers all have well established international careers, either teaching and/or managing their own Yoga schools – all with one united focus, to share the practice and philosophy of traditional Yoga.

Our mission, or our Dharma, is to teach with respect and integrity a Yoga which belongs to the living, present moment, whilst remaining rooted and secure in its traditional foundations and philosophy.

The 200 hours Moksha Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is organised and offered independently by the founders of the Yoga Sivananda Lisboa and the 108 Yoga Waves team. This new alliance brings together devoted teachers, enabling them to share their wealth of knowledge in this complete TTC experience.

Moksha 200 hours TTC is offered annually.

Moksha, 2022 Hatha Teacher Training Course (TTC) will be taught at a coastal retreat centre situated on the Atlantic, in Ericeira, home to Portugal’s noted world surf reserve.
The course structure has been created to suit small study groups, in order to encourage and nurture each student’s potential. It will be taught by accredited Hatha Yoga teachers and the training provided will be based upon the traditional Hatha Yoga methods and philosophy.

The course aims to train inspiring qualified Yoga teachers by providing a solid foundation to each student, encouraging confidence with a broad holistic view, along with the understanding required to teach both asanas and meditation practice.
Therefore, a deep understanding of the body, its biomechanics and its bioenergy flow are considered a priority within our approach. For this reason the course will be in-depth and at times challenging, extending far beyond the teaching of the physical Asanas (postures) alone.

What You Will Learn

Who’s this course for?

The course is aimed at those aspiring to become fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teachers. 

It is, however, open to dedicated Yoga or Meditation Practitioners who wish to broaden and develop their own personal practice. The course will be uniquely personal to each individual student.

Together we will engage in the coursework, as a group and on a more individual level when required.

Over the 4 week TTC, you will establish a solid foundation of disciplines, promoting both physical and mental flexibility, whilst developing emotional awareness and spiritual growth. 

This course will provide a strong base upon which to develop and strengthen your skills and professional teaching practice, allowing your confidence and knowledge to expand and grow in a positive and constructive manner.

The modules you will study and learn from will become your tools to teach traditional Yoga techniques which are proven to promote; Peace of Heart, Inner Harmony, and a healthier lifestyle, plus as an added bonus, we hope to support you in becoming a beacon of positive change in the world.

Throughout the course our experienced team will be here to help. 
All are welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or questions.

Our approach

There are 2 stages to TTC: 
The course is organised over a 4 week all inclusive period of ‘in person’ classes and study.  During the winter months there will be course work to complete online, both theory and online practice.

Course venue and TTC student accommodation:
TTC students will stay at a retreat centre situated on the coast, close to Lisbon and its international airport. We absolutely love everything about the retreat centre; its location, our wonderful hosts, delicious food and the overall level of attention to detail that simply makes it a special place. As we have previously mentioned the centre will be for the exclusive use of our TTC group.

The Moksha Teachers:
Our three advanced level teachers, are well established internationally. Integrating 2 decades of professional teaching & dedicated practice, they join together in order to pass on and share their knowledge to new future teachers.

The course will also include valuable ‘insider’ guidance on how to get started with in the professional world of Yoga, focusing on business opportunities and how to create them, building your own business, to establish a fulfilling career in the thriving world of Yoga and Well Being.

Small groups:
Group sizes of our trainings are limited to 14 students. This guarantees individual attention and high quality teacher training.

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Course Details

The course is organised over a 4 week period of in personclasses and study, held at a Retreat centre set on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. 

Weeks 1 & 2

in Autumn 2022

Weeks 3 & 4

in Spring 2023

What happens between the first and second periods of the TTC?

Over the winter months there will be some course work to be completed online, this will include both theory and online practice. 

We also encourage you to follow a personal, self supported study on both the theory and practice of Hatha Yoga and can help with recommendations and reading list.

Each month there is an opportunity to take part in a Q&A session to reconnect and to discuss any queries or questions you may have.

The moksha 200 hours certified hatha yoga course is comprised of the following modules:

The course is organised over a 4 week period of in personclasses and study, held at a Retreat centre set on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. 

70 hours

Techniques and Training: Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation

50 hours

Teaching Methods

50 hours

Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

30 hours


What you will study on the 200 hour TTC


Improve your awareness of the yogic postures, by studying the proper alignment, benefits, contraindications and sanskrit name of each asana – How to sequence a balanced yoga class for different levels of students.
We will study the Rishikesh series (founded by Guru Swami Sivananda), which is a sequence of 12 basic asanas, preceded by pranayama and sun salutation practises.


Breath is life. Yoga teaches us how to use the lungs to their maximum capacity and how to control the breath to increase vitality and enhance mental clarity. Pranayama (control of the life force-known as prana in yoga) is the practice of specific breathing techniques.


Develop awareness of the basic principles of anatomy that underlies each of the main asanas (postures) in Yoga.


Learn to guide students into deep relaxation.


Practice the ancient techniques of the Himalayas for purifying and cleansing the body.


How to lift yourself through the daily practice of meditation, to improve mental health – How to guide students in a meditation session.


Learn to chant the mantras in sanskrit, using your voice to raise awareness and to release emotional and mental stress.


Study the main scriptures of Yoga – Learn the different paths of Yoga.

Daily Schedule Sample

7.30 - 8.15

meditation / satsang

8.30 - 10.30

yoga class

10.45 - 11.45


12.30 - 13.30


13.30 - 14.30


14.30 - 15.30

main lecture

16.00 - 18.00

how to teach

18.30 - 19.30


20.00 - 21.00

meditation / satsang



Teachers introduction

Maria Abreu

Maria, also known as Niranjana, is a longtime dedicated Hatha Yoga practitioner and a highly experienced international Yoga teacher.
However, Marie’s passion and knowledge extend beyond her Yoga practice into other related fields which include; Eastern Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness practices and Meditation, all of which are dynamic techniques to help support and promote positive thinking and wellbeing.


Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Marie is the founder of the Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Centre, in Lisbon, where she regularly offers classes, courses and training, to both her own students and individual clients. She is also actively promoting Yoga in the growing area of stress management and team support in the commercial corporate sector.

Isabel Baudoin Serrano

Originally from Lisbon, Isabel, also known as Surya, is a Vedanta scholar and international Yoga teacher. 
As a teenager Isabel first began her Yoga journey, whilst living in Barcelona. Since her early discovery she is now highly experienced and dedicated to the traditional Hatha Yoga practice, however, she’s alsos practiced other Yoga forms including Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. 
Her yogic journey eventually encouraged her to study the ancient texts of the Bhagavad Gita, the Raja Yoga Sutras and Vedanta philosophy. 
Isabel’s lifelong devotion has led her to invest significant amounts of time into the furthering and deepening of her knowledge at various silent and meditation Ashrams, in north India, América and stayed for 2 years in the silent retreat Ashram of Mooji in south Portugal.
Back home in Lisbon, Isabel is a dedicated, respected Yoga teacher,here for over a decade she has been responsible for the Portuguese branch of the Sivananda Vedanta International Centre and, where in more recent years she has been devoting her full-time focus and warm energy.


Federico Zanchetta

Authentic and gently enthusiastic, Federicos dedication and generosity as a Yoga teacher shines.

An inspiring Teacher, Federicos life is rooted firmly in the philosophy and practice of  traditional Hatha Yoga. 

With his almost devotional level of adherence to this ancient practice, Federico now aspires to translate and illuminate the yogic texts and their unique pearls of wisdom, providing clarity and fresh meaning, all within a contemporary context. 

An alumnus and graduate of the prestigious Sivananda Vedanta School in India, Federico shares his lifetime of practice and study, passing on his warmth and dedication to the next future generation of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Practitioners.

TTC program details

What is included in the registration?

Please bring with you


Our 200 hour intensive teacher trainings take place at CASA PAÇO DÌLHAS  near Ericeira, Portugal. The venue, which is exclusively ours for the training, is located about 45 minutes from Lisbon International Airport.

Arriving/Departing Details

Welcome circle, introductions and your first class with us starting at 5 pm on arrival day. On the check-out day, Breakfast will be our final meal at the venue, after which we will transport guests to Lisbon airport.


Standard rate

  • shared house & bathroom with 2–3 others

Upgraded rate

  • shared twin room or private loft in shared house
  • shared bathroom

Single room rate 1

  • private room
  • shared bathroom

Single room rate 2

  • private room
  • private bathroom


We offer a discount of €300 to TTC applicants who’ve previously attended a retreat with Federico at 108YogaWaves, or with Surya and Niranjana at Sivananda Center Lisbon prior to applying to the Moksha teacher training. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts such as Early Bird.


€500 off rate if you book by 31st March for next November 2022 training. Please verify dates in the application process.


Partial Scholarships are available, please contact us for more details. Sorry, we do not offer work trades or full scholarships.


After your application has been reviewed and approved, we require a non-refundable deposit of €750 to secure your spot. The remaining balance will be billed 60 days prior to course start. Payment plans are available upon request

Price is based on shared occupancy in a double or triple room/shared house with multiple bedrooms. Some rooms have private baths, some share with another room. Single rooms are available but strictly limited. Each room is unique and has its own charm and beauty. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have special requests regarding accommodation, and we will offer a quote depending on availability. 


No specific skills are required, except the strong motivation and desire to learn.

All TTC classes and coursework will be in English, it is therefore essential that your spoken level and general understanding of English is both comfortable and fluent.

A. Deposit

  1. After your application has been approved, we ask for a deposit payment of €750, paid with a credit card online.
  2. Your deposit secures your spot and is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. Please consider all circumstances, such as job stability, health, passport validity, visa needs, relationship, possibility of being pregnant, family status etcetera, before booking and placing a deposit.

B. Remaining Balance

  1. The remaining balance (the total minus your deposit) must be paid 60 days prior to first day of training. You will receive a bill (emailed) around 90 days prior to training and one reminder if payment has not been placed. Failure to pay means your spot will go to someone on the waitlist and you will lose your deposit.  
  2. If you book closer to start date than 60 days the total tuition will be billed at once. 
  3. If you are approved for a payment plan, the entire course fee must be paid 60 days before the beginning of the course.
  4. Your final bill is payable in Euros via international bank transfer and any cost involved with the transfer is your responsibility.

C. If you cancel

  1. If you have to cancel you must let us know as soon as you can and in writing.
  2. If you cancel before final payment has been placed, you lose only your non-refundable deposit.
  3. If you cancel 30 days or more prior to start date you receive a 50% refund minus deposit, OR you may transfer the amount to a future training listed with Moksha, minus your non-transferrable deposit. Your investment is available to transfer for 1,5 year. The transfer fee is €750 (non-refundable, non-transferrable), corresponding to a regular deposit. You must place the transfer fee and reserve a spot at the training of your choice  (if available) at the time of cancellation in order to use this option.
  4. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to start date there are no refunds. If you cancel 14–30 days prior to training, you may transfer to a future training listed with Moksha, minus your non-transferrable deposit. Your investment is available to transfer for 1,5 year. The transfer fee is €750 (non-refundable, non-transferrable), corresponding to a regular deposit. You must place the transfer fee and reserve a spot at the training of your choice  (if available) at the time of cancellation in order to use this option.   
  5. Due to non-recoverable payments that we must make in advance to secure the retreat centers, exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. This includes but is not limited to natural disasters, pandemics, inclement weather, acts of terrorism, illness, health conditions, medical or personal or family or work emergencies, worry or change of mind.
  6. If you cannot reach the training due to unforeseen circumstances such as (but not limited to) strikes, weather circumstances, and missed, delayed or canceled flights, training fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you arrive late or need to leave your retreat or training early, you will not receive any refund on the remaining time of your scheduled stay. 

D. If we cancel

  1. If we cancel a training for business reasons, such as not enough applicants, or if your application is denied, you will be notified immediately and your full amount (including deposit) will be paid back.
  2. If a training is postponed due to events beyond our control (including but not limited to war, pandemics, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters), there is no transfer fee. Regular refund policy applies.
  3. Moksha is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for a canceled or postponed training, such as airline tickets, loss of work, visas fees and/or other costs associated with preparation for your trip.
  4. You are responsible for your own travel and health insurance. We also recommend travel cancellation insurance. Please check all your insurance details prior to booking/placing a deposit.

E. In case of dispute 

For any dispute related to the interpretation or execution of this contract, the parties choose as exclusively competent the Forum of the District of Oporto, expressly renouncing any other, being applicable the Portuguese law.


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