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The meaning of 108

The individual digits, 1, 0, & 8 represent one thing, nothing and everything (infinity), representing the belief of the ultimate reality of the universe as being (paradoxically) simultaneously one, emptiness, and infinite.

One represents Human Reality and eight represents Nature, but to separate Nature from Reality, you bring in the situation of a vacuum – shoonya –, non-existence, no mind. This is yoga. The number 108 represents the process of yoga, separation of Reality from Nature by creating a state of vacuum, which is called Samadhi. The cipher means Zero, and zero means there is nothing.

Whether duality or destruction is there, the universe, the creation, continues. But there is no beginning and no end to this creation. There will not be a day when there is no creation. It was, it is and it will be.

The Sun’s diameter, when multiplied by 108, is the exact distance to our planet.
It’s also the same for the Moon. The diameter of the moon, multiplied by 108, is the distance between the Moon and the Earth.
In astrology, the metal Silver is said to represent the moon. The atomic weight of Silver is 108.

Still in astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets, 12 times 9 equals 108.

In Islamism, 108 is referred to as god.

In Hinduism, malas have 108 beads, Hindu Deities have 108 names, practitioners often repeat mantras 108 times, and there are 108 Gopis of Vrindavan.

In Zen Buddhism, many priests wear a 108 beaded bracelet, and they ring a bell at the end of the year 108 times to denote 108 temptations a person must overcome to become enlightened.

In the sanscrit alphabet there are 54 letters and each one has a masculine (shiva) and feminine (shakti) version, for a total of 108 letters.

In Chinese astrology there are 108 sacred stars.

It is clear that regardless of faith, tradition or nationality, 108 is a number that is frequently observed in our Universe with various symbolic meanings.


Our days unfold around the practice of yoga; you will experience dynamic and intense classes or calm and relaxing ones based on your needs and lunar phases. Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha are part of the physical practice (Asana). Yoga for surfers is focused on warming up and strengthening the body before riding the waves than relaxing and stretching after.

The yoga practice integrates a question and answer part (Q&A), workshops dedicated to inverted positions and meditation to silent walks along the stunning coastline. Analysis of the different lineages of yoga.


Detach from your routine and immerse yourself into the history, colors and aroma of Portugal. Explore surfing and its energy in one of the worlds first surf reserves and discover the benefits of traditional and modern yoga.

Our aim and passion is to inspire with a retreat that engages all the senses – the body and mind will reload through a perfect combination of yoga, outdoor activities, healthy food and people.


Activities such as surf, stand up puddle, cycling, trekking and cultural visits are an essential part of the everyday experience. The area is located in the World Surf Reserve for great water activities. The hills around Sintra offer a variety of paths for cyclists and trekkers with the stunning capital Lisbon is just a 30 min. drive away.

Breakfast and dinner are meant to empower the body and mind through a simple and healthy diet which helps you enjoy the portuguese sunny days to the fullest.


We are located walking distance to the stunning coastline of Ericeira, Mafra Municipality, few kilometers from Lisbon.

The coastal walking, from town through green fields and bushes allows an easy acces to the nearby beaches until Ribeira D’Ilhas and Coxos; wild and hidden by cliffs all of them are also perfect surf spots.

The location is just perfect to enjoy and be inspired by the surrounding nature or get lost around Ericeira’s lively and narrow back roads, located walking distance from our guesthouse.

The guesthouse can host up to 15 people in 4 rooms; one main dorm with kitchenette to host 6 people, one small dorm for 4 people, one triple room and one suite. All rooms enjoy a terrace.

Meals are offered in the covered patio with ocean view, just before the main patio where to relax and appreciate the ocean breeze. An open area with a big table where to share food drinks and talks is available in the back of the house.

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